Weight training: Is faster or heavier better?

Weight training: Is faster or heavier better?

The fact that you are wondering whether it is better to lift weights faster or focus on weight probably means that you are interested in making the most of each and every workout.

If that is the case, you are already on the right track.

However, it is important to understand that lifting weights – or doing any sort of strength training – can cause injury if you are not careful.

Which is better: lifting fast or lifting heavy?

First and foremost, you should not try to do both simultaneously. That means that if you are lifting heavy, you should take it slow and make sure you are using the correct form. In other words, if you are lifting heavy weights fast, you are increasing the chances of injury. However, this rule of thumb really only applies to an entire range of motion. If you are going quick on the initial lift but slowing down as you lower the weight, you are doing just fine. In fact, that is how you develop strong muscles.

If you are using lighter weights, feel free to turn up the speed. This would actually be good for your cardio routine as well because you will not only be building muscle, but you will be giving your entire body a workout. Get that blood pumping!

You might be thinking that we did not really determine which is better: fast lifting or heavy lifting. The truth is that both methods are good for you when they are done right. When you lift fast, you are going to get better muscle definition. Lifting heavy ensures that you build up your strength over time. That is why you really should incorporate both into your workout regimen.

A number of health benefits are associated with lifting weights and strength training. When you lift weights, you are going to burn more calories, even after your workout. Strength training has also been shown to reduce osteoporosis, burn belly fat, improve memory, and keep you feeling and looking good. Strength training the proper way also ensures that you will lower your risk of sustaining an injury when you do other exercises because your bones and muscles will be stronger and healthier.

Now that you know that weight lifting is an important aspect of any solid workout routine, it is time to make sure that you include it several times a week. Keep in mind that you do not have to do extreme sets of strength training everyday to get noticeable differences. As long as you challenge yourself and stick to it, you will look and feel better.

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