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MCT oil capsules (Medium Chain Triglycerides) conveniently add extra healthy fat to your diet to support ketogenic lifestyles - MCT Keto Capsules are made from pure coconut oil and are pure, natural and quickly absorbed.

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MCT Oil Capsules for Ketogenic Diets

MCT oil capsules (Medium Chain Triglycerides) conveniently add extra healthy fat to your diet to support ketogenic lifestyles - MCT Keto Capsules are made from pure coconut oil and are pure, natural and quickly absorbed.

The ketogenic diet is an effective way to lose weight, burn fat, and reduce cravings for sugary foods for good. Supplementing your keto diet with supplements such as  MCT oil makes getting into, and staying in ketosis easier and more effective for weight loss.

When you’re doing a ketogenic diet, you reap all the benefits of ketosis - a state in which your body burns fat instead of carbohydrates for energy, resulting in weight loss.

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, a kind of fatty acid. MCTs are naturally found in coconut oil and palm kernels, and unique properties making them a vital component of your keto fat-burning lifestyle. If you're currently on or looking to start a keto diet, supplementing with MCT is a must.

  • Easy to swallow softgels
  • Boosts ketone production
  • Supports energy, focus and weight loss during ketosis
  • All natural and made from organic coconuts
  • The perfect supplement to help keep you in ketosis
  • Supports reduced hunger and fat level macro targets
  • Just 11 calories per capsule

MCT Oil can be used as liquid oil, but capsules are a more efficient and easy to use solution. By taking capsules, you no longer have to worry about mixing liquids, adding into foods or the taste of the MCT ruining your keto recipes.

Supports the ketogenic diet

Perfect for supporting ketogenic diets

Support your keto diet with MCT oil capsules. Easy to swallow, and recommended for taking at breakfast & lunch. 2 capsules a day is recommended. Tired of keto coffee? Enjoy your normal black coffee and 1-2 capsules of MCT Oil to avoid the greasy texture of Bulletproof Coffee.

MCT Oil from coconut sources

Made from organic coconuts

MCT Oil is derived from both coconuts and palm kernels. Our MCT Oil is sourced from organic coconuts, with just 11 calories per capsule and 1,000mg of MCT per serving. Fatty acids known as C8 and C10 are derived from coconut oil and concentrated into MCT oil.

Ketogenic Supplements with MCT Oil

MCT Oil supports fat burning

Ketogenic diets are perfect for healthy weight loss. By staying in a state of ketosis, you'll experience more energy, less sugar cravings and reduced hunger. Research shows that MCTs also help reduce the risk of obesity by stimulating weight loss and preventing long-term weight gain.


MCT (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) (from Organic Pure Coconut Oil), Gelatine (Pork), Glycerine, Purified Water. Allergen Warning: Contains Tree Nuts (Coconut).

Directions for Use

Take 2 capsules daily. Do not exceed the recommended dose. For adult use only. MCT oil may cause GI upset. To reduce this effect, consume with meals. This product is a food supplement. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Not suitable for vegetarians & vegans.



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Katy Hargess
Helps me stay in ketosis

I've been on the keto diet for about 2 months and whilst it's hard to stick to, it gets easier. I've been using coconut oil for frying and trying to use MCT to keep to my recommended fat intake these capsules do make me feel more satisfied with a meal and I'm checking my ketones with pee strips and all good so far. If you've not tried the keto diet then I really recommend it, my weight is something I've struggled with for years until now.

Energy!! Clarity! At last

Wow - I'd read a lot about MCT but didn't really get it. After using the MCT capsules for keto I'm glad I did, because I was snacking on carbs when I wasn't planning meals and these help me feel way less hungry, no longer have a foggy brain and I'm losing weight again. Great if you think your weight loss on keto has stalled.

Not sure if I noticed much difference but did lose more weight

They taste fine but I didn't get much energy from them. I did lose weight with them but I'm looking t the keto diet for more health reasons to control type 2 diabetes.

Hayley Wells
Wouldn't be without it now

The Keto Diet really has changed the way I think about food. These capsules are great, help me to stay focused and in ketosis, without yucky oils and my weight loss is steadily increasing.

Uress Imidna
Love the keto diet

I love being able to eat as much fat as I like without counting calories. I find MCT capsules easier instead of using the oil because I don't really like the greasiness of it.

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