What you should be eating to lose weight this summer

What you should be eating to lose weight this summer

Summer is officially here, but the idea of breaking out the bikini and hitting the beach may seem a little daunting – especially if you are slightly overweight.

The good news is that you can ditch those extra pounds by eating the right kind of foods.

What should you be picking up at the market each week?

Read on to learn exactly what types of foods you should be eating this summer to stay slim and trim.

  • Apples. You are probably already aware that fibre helps you feel full and is great for staying slim. Did you know that a single apple has five grams of fibre? Apples are also packed with water, so they keep you hydrated and satiated.
  • Bananas. Do not buy into the diet myth going around that bananas are fattening. If you eat your bananas when they are slightly under-ripe, you are consuming a resistant starch that does not break down easily in the digestive tract. This helps keep your gut bacteria healthy and happy.

  • Beans. Beans are packed with protein, fibre, and nutrients, making them a practically perfect food. They are also low in calories. Studies have shown that a single serving of beans is linked with weight loss without doing much else, so put some on your plate today.

  • Broccoli. Broccoli is a real powerhouse when it comes to vegetables. It is packed with vitamin C, potassium, and calcium, all of which are incredibly important to staying slim and healthy. Additionally, studies have shown that cruciferous vegetables like broccoli may also fight off certain forms of cancer.

  • Carrots. Carrots are low in calories and high in nutrients such as beta-carotene, water, and fibre. Did you know that just a handful of baby carrots – around six – each day can reduce your risk of breast cancer by about 19 per cent? 

  • Greens. Dark leafy greens are super sources of energy and nutrients. A single one-cup serving of spinach is packed with magnesium, iron, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin K. Greens are also pretty filling, so eat up!

  • Oatmeal. Oatmeal is not just for the winter months; it is great all summer long. Studies have shown that eating oatmeal for breakfast every day helps you stay fuller longer and also eat less lunch. That is a no-brainer when it comes to losing a little weight.

  • Rice. Rice, particularly brown rice, is an excellent source of fibre. Fibre is known to help keep your digestive tract healthy and will help you avoid cravings throughout the day. People who consume healthy grains tend to have smaller waistlines.

If you want to make the most out of eating healthy this summer, you should combine your plant-based diet with lots of exercise and plenty of sleep!

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