Staying safe during your hot summer workouts

Staying safe during your hot summer workouts

Some of us love working out outside. Hitting the gym is great for some people, but there are plenty more who love spending time in the great outdoors.

However, with the heat hitting record highs this summer, it can really melt your motivation to work out. Even worse, those high temperatures can also make it dangerous to exercise outside.

How do you continue to work out even during these scorching summer months? Here are a few ways to beat the summer heat and stay safe during your hot summer workouts.

First and foremost: drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated during a workout is always important, and this is especially true when it is hot outside. Your body will sweat in the heat as it tries to keep itself cool. Throw a workout into the mix, and you’ll lose a lot of fluid. If you lose too much fluid too quickly, you risk dehydration.

You can easily prevent dehydration by drinking plenty of water. Having a glass of just 20 ounces of water about 20 minutes before a workout is a good start. Then, have about 8 to 10 ounces after every 20 minutes of activity.

It is easy to tell if you are dehydrated; if your urine is a dark yellow or brown colour, you need more water. Keep in mind that water is much better than sports drinks, which are packed with calories and sugar.

Wear the right kind of clothing

In addition to staying hydrated, the types of clothes you wear to work out really do matter. You will want to keep your body cool by wearing clothing that breathes. Avoid wearing dark colours, which absorb and attract sunlight and heat.

Remember that your body is made to sweat as it tries to cool off. There is a wide range of workout clothes that actually wick away perspiration and help keep you cool during high activity. If you are engaging in exercise that requires a helmet, be sure to take it off every 20 minutes or so. You lose a lot of heat through your head, so this will help you cool off quickly,

Pay attention to the time

When it is hot and humid outside, you probably feel it. This type of weather actually affects the body’s ability to function properly. This means that you will want to avoid working out between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM because that is the hottest part of the day. If you work out then, you run the risk of developing heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

When it is hot outside, your heart works harder than usual to pump blood throughout your body. If you are falling victim to heat-related illness, you may experience faintness, clammy skin, cramps, nausea, and even vomiting. To offset this, stay hydrated and work out in a cool environment.

Keep in mind that it is best to use common sense when working out in the heat. If you feel like it is too hot for you, head to a cooler area.

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