Maximise your workouts by eating the right foods

Maximise your workouts by eating the right foods

As most people are aware, food is the fuel your body uses to burn energy.

Whether you are working out to lose weight, training for a marathon, or just wanting to live a healthy life, eating the right foods will help you meet your goals.

Nutritious foods will help to improve your energy, your workout performance, and your body’s ability to recover after exercise. In other words, eating right will help you become more fit from your workout efforts.

What should you be eating to maximise your workouts? Here is a quick breakdown of what you should be eating before, during, and after you exercise.


Before you start exercising, you must make sure that your body has enough fuel stored up in your muscles and liver. You also need to have the right blood glucose level. Studies have shown that you should consume carbohydrates and protein pre-workout because both help to yield better results. Focus on the meal that you will eat before you exercise for the day, and make sure that it has a foundation of protein and carbs. Foods such as fruit, eggs, oatmeal, and wholewheat toast are all great options.

During the workout

You will not actually be eating during a workout, but you will need to stay hydrated. Keeping your body sufficiently hydrated is essential for optimum health, but it is particularly important during exercise. If you lose just two per cent of your body weight in water, you will find that your workout performance and intensity will lack. A good rule of thumb is to drink about eight ounces of water (one cup) approximately every 15 minutes while you exercise.


You may not want to eat a huge meal immediately following a workout, but you will need to replenish your energy stores and build muscle soon. The amount of food you eat will actually depend on how hungry you are. After working out, you should focus on foods such as carbohydrates and protein, both of which have been shown to be effective in helping the body recover after exercise. Look for a light snack of toast topped with a nut butter, a banana, or a turkey sandwich on wholegrain bread.

Remember that your body is a machine, and it will not function properly without the right fuel. When you work out, always make sure you provide your body with the proper foods so that you can get the most out of every activity you do! You will also feel a lot better when you focus on healthy foods.

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