Where to Buy Silver Slimming Tablets

Where to buy Silver Slimming Tablets

Silver Slimming Tablets were one of the most popular & trusted weight loss tablets in recent years.

Unfortunately, the Silver Slimming brand is no longer on UK shelves, leaving many regular uses of Silver products out of luck. The popular formula contained guarana, chromium, caffeine and cayenne - all natural ingredients which worked synergistically to support appetite control & fat burning. The general reviews of Silver Slimming Tablets were very good and it's no surprise that consumers are desperate to find them online, or at least, the closest alternative.

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Silver Slimming Tablets

Trying to find the best alternative today

Whilst there's no direct follow up to Silver Slimming Tablets, all is not lost. There are a couple of high quality, effective alternatives that should be considered, with similar ingredients, feedback & reviews, such as Fat Burn Extreme.


What's the best alternative to Silver Slimming?

Whilst there's no direct successor to this particular brand, there are a couple of alternatives which are just, if not more, effective and safe.

Here's what is recommended as a good alternative:

  1. Fat Burn Extreme - just take 1 capsule per day
  2. SlimKick Day & Night Formula - similar to Silver in that you take 2 capsules daily, with a day, night & patch formula available

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What about Silver Slimming's other ranges?

Silver Slimming also offered a detox capsule & detox foot pads in their detox supplement range. Sadly, these are also now discontinued, but we'd recommend DetoxPlus as our best selling colon cleanse capsule which helps to reduce bloating, constipation and assist weight loss over a 30 day course. As for the detox foot patches, make sure you check our the highly rated Sleeptox Detox Foot Patches.

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