How to avoid overindulging after a workout

How to avoid overindulging after a workout

Are you one of those people who feel like they are starving after a workout? If so, you are definitely not alone.

Working out makes us hungry. This makes sense. After all, when we exercise, we are burning through energy that our body has stored up, and our body is looking to replenish that energy by eating.

How can you avoid raiding the fridge right after you have hit the gym?

A lot of it comes down to your attitude. Science has indicated that people who actually enjoy working out are less likely to overeat after exercising than those who view the physical activity as some sort of punishment.

Studies have also shown that a positive approach to working out brings better results in the long run. This positive mindset not only makes the physical benefits more apparent, but you will do better neurophysiologically and psychologically as well.

A recent study published in the Journal of Behavioural Medicine has shown that we can be either negatively or positively influenced before engaging in exercise.

The study involved 76 men and women who were shown short films either praising or trashing the effects of cycling on health. They were then asked to participate in a 30-minute cycling class afterward. Participants were also asked what they thought about cycling prior to viewing the video.

Those who already thought cycling had health benefits typically had more positive effects. They enjoyed the task more, they had better moods, and they experienced less anxiety.

What is the takeaway here?

It really does come down to mind over matter in some aspects of dieting and exercise. If you have a good attitude about what you are doing, you may see better results overall and feel better as you do it. Beliefs and expectations may even have long-term effects on us and could be determining factors in whether we stay active or resort to a sedentary lifestyle.

If there is an exercise you like to do, get started right now!

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