Bloating or constipated? Try a herbal colon cleanse.

Beat the bloat with a colon cleansing supplement

Do you suffer from bloating after eating? If you're feeling sluggish, tired and struggle to lose weight, a herbal colon cleanse could help you feel better.

If your diet is low in fibre and you regularly enjoy processed foods, there is a chance that you might be carrying trapped waste within your colon. A diet rich in fibre helps to move food through your colon and keeps you regular, which is important for a health digestive system. If you're feeling tired, bloated or constipated it could be time to try a herbal colon cleanse.

Bloating from proccessed foods

Do I need to do a colon cleanse?

A healthy, regular bowel movement is usually expected once per day on average. If you're going to the toilet every few days, it's likely that you may have some trapped waste which could contribute to bloating, an upset stomach, heartburn, excessive gas, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, mood swings, skin conditions, allergies and rapid weight gain. For people who don't suffer from any health conditions but are carrying extra weight around their middle may see the weight loss benefits from a colon cleanse, or could benefit from a liver cleansing supplement if they have been diagnosed with fatty liver syndrome.

Drinking water will help keep you hydrated

How do colon cleansing supplements work?

Certain herbs, fibres and clays can help to pull trapped waste from the walls of the colon and reduce the amount of stored waste, resulting in a reduction of gas, bloating and can assist weight loss as part of the removal process. Foods such as Psyllium Husk are very fibrus, adding bulk to the fibre when mixed with water. Rhubarb root and prune extract help with softening of the waste. Usually, this type of cleanse through supplementation is done over a 30 day period. If you are more constipated than normal, this can be repeated for up to 3 months. People with long term constipation may continue supplementation for a longer period on a smaller dosage.

A healthy diet to support a healthy colon

What else should I do during a colon cleanse?

It's important to stay hydrated during a colon cleanse, as when removing trapped waste you'll be losing water too. Drinking plenty of water during your cleanse will help keep you hydrated and reduce the risk of headaches, as well as helping flush out waste. It is normal to experience stomach cramping when starting a herbal colon cleanse as the herbs and fibres start to pull waste from the colon walls - this usually subsides within a few days. It is also recommended to exercise regularly and eat a diet rich in fibre, fruits and vegetables.

What's the best colon cleansing supplement?

DetoxPlus has been on the market since 2009 and has helped thousands of people cleanse their way to a healthier colon. DetoxPlus works in 2 stages of 15 days - a higher dose to start with which reduces after the first 2 weeks. DetoxPlus can be used once or twice per year by most people or more frequently with a lower dose for those with longer term constipation problems. It's completely natural, made in the UK and is available in 1, 2 or 3 month supplies depending on your requirements.

"I had been given laxatives and fibre powders from my doctor and nothing seemed to be able to help me 'go' and it was making me miserable and in pain. This is the only product that I've used that has actually worked." - Customer review

About DetoxPlus Complete Cleansing System

DetoxPlus Capsules

Made from natural herbs and fibres, this simple yet effective cleansing supplement helps shift trapped waste which can be contributing to bloating, tiredness, constipation and unexpected weight gain. It's all natural and made from just a few simple, herbal ingredients.

DetoxPlus Complete Cleansing System

Available in vegetarian capsules and suitable for vegans, DetoxPlus is designed to slowly remove trapped waste over a 30 day period. For the first 15 days, take 4 capsules daily - 2 in the morning with water and 2 before bed. After 15 days, reduce down to just 2 at night.

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